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Easily loan money to friends and family with Pigeon.

Our private money lending app provides a stress-free solution to managing personal loans. Share money with your friends and family and enjoy seamless loan tracking and management with Pigeon. Our finance tracker automatically monitors debt payoff and eliminates the stress and awkwardness of managing private loans. Set your own loan terms, send money, and track loan payments – all in one.

Loan money to family and members of your community with Pigeon. Lend money confidently to those in need of a helping hand with easy cash payments and simple contracts. Pigeon’s money lending solution helps everyone understand how each loan repayment schedule is set up, relieving any headaches. We help users make smart money borrowing decisions with financial education tools. Pigeon helps maintain healthy relationships when lending money to friends and family by providing users with best practices regarding late payments, defaults, and more.

Whether you’re covering a family emergency, supporting a new business, or helping with a big purchase, Pigeon has your back. Lend family money and create loans with easy to understand contracts and tools that make loan management simple. Pigeon loans are customizable with your own term lengths, principal amount, and interest rate for a money lending experience that works for you. Download Pigeon’s all-in-one online money lending app to set up loans confidently with your loved ones today.

Avoid the awkward text of “Hey, when will you send me that money?” with Pigeon’s personal lending platform. Set up private loans with family and friends without the hassle of chasing payments.

Monitor loans, control payoff conditions, and maintain healthy relationships with those you care about. Download Pigeon for the ultimate money loan app that eliminates the stress, anxiety, and awkwardness of private money borrowing.


- Money transfer to friends & family without the hassle
- Lend money confidently with Pigeon’s loan management solution
- Track loan payments and manage interest and debt payoff all through Pigeon
- Loan money and monitor debt payoff with the help of Pigeon’s money lending tools
- Lend friends money and monitor loans to keep track of your finances

- Simple contracts and money management take the guesswork out of creating loans
- Create loans with your own repayment terms, payoff period, and interest rate
- Sign loan contracts and documents right in the app for your peace of mind
- Loan repayment available by credit card, debit card, or ACH payments

- Our loan tracker can send automated payment reminders to lendees
- Share money with your friends and family while earning rewards
- Debt payoff and online money lending are easy to create and manage with Pigeon
- Money borrowing tips from industry experts with additional financial educational resources

Create customizable loans and set your own conditions with Pigeon:
- Set up loans of up to $500,000
- Choose from a 2 - 84 month repayment period
- Create loans of up to 35% APR interest

Here’s an example of what the total calculations of a loan on Pigeon might look like:

You’re giving a friend, business partner, or family member $1,000, and want to get paid back at least $100 a month until you’re fully repaid. You'll set up your repayment period for 10 months, and add a 1% interest rate. After receiving those details, we'll do the rest of the work for you!

With no additional fees, your friend will pay you back $101 a month until you get back your loan in full - $1,010, principal + interest! Super easy, super simple, and all facilitated by us so that you don't have to worry!

Lend money the smart way and rest easy knowing your relationship with your loved ones won't be at risk while we help facilitate your stressful IOUs. Download Pigeon today for hassle-free loan management!
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